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With the pandemic, many workers have had to go home with computers to stay connected from thereBut few people came up with the idea that, perhaps, one day we weren't even going to need a PC, but a smartphone with which to deposit hard cash at Google's orders.

The fact is that those of Mountain View is launching in a limited way a crowdsourced plan for Android called Task Mate that will take care of that: to pay us a small (very small) amount of money to perform tasks with our smartphone from such that, periodically, we commit to completing a series of works previously cataloged within the application.

Why are they going to pay us?

At the moment this Task Mate app is only accessible by invitation, so it is circulating in a very limited way and, for now, its distribution has been limited to countries such as India and Kenya, focusing on orders that will be required, mainly, by companies that presumably will need a much cheaper workforce than usual. At least if we attend to the type of orders they make us.

Of course, unlike the Google Opinion Rewards program that paid users with credit in the Android Play Store, here in Task Mate there is an economic reward with real money that participants will receive through an online payment platform. In this way, we stop trading in digital items and we really get small amounts to spend on whatever we want.

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But, for what tasks can we get money with this program? Well, as can be seen in the screenshots that have emerged from some users who are testing it, Task Mate will be able to pay us for "recording phrases", "transcribing phrases" or "taking pictures of shop windows". As we complete these orders, small amounts of money are added, ranging between 0.20 and 0.50 dollars (0.17 and 0.42 euros) for packages of 10 transcribed or spoken phrases, respectively, and We can always accept as much work as we have time and, above all, we print quality.

In an app support document it can be read that the user gets "tasks based on their performance, which includes factors such as your accuracy or if you have violated any of our policies [...] When their performance increases or pending tasks are reviewed, you get new tasks. When an applicant needs more work and adds it to the platform, they should find more tasks. 


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