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Share investor friends have anyone noticed


When the stock market has to decline;

1) In various online magazines like Vijpati, Vijshala, citing various offices, officials give news to reduce the market and weaken the self-confidence of the investors.

2) The chief responsible person of the securities ward creates an environment to frighten the investors by talking about the investigation of black money.

3) VAT is not a final tax. Investors who are well-known in the stock market are told to pay VAT at any time.

4) Ne Ra Vak says that the investment limit on shares has to be tightened and the loan limit on shares has to be reduced.

5) An employee of the revenue office writes letters to 4 broker offices specifically to pay VAT. Is it just a coincidence that in the year 2065 and 2073, only the same four employees and brokers of the revenue office were selected?

   Is it possible to run away from the stock market again by kneeling before these artificial causes and surrendering? And again, the shares sold cheaply by falling into the trap of the mafia are now being bought at high prices by the mafia saying that the market is growing?


This time, sitting in the upper echelons of these regulatory bodies and administrations, being the "hungry beast" of the mafia, is it time to kneel down to those who repeatedly bite the investors and rejoice? Isn't it time to make a decision?


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