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TicTok: New record for 16-year-old American girl, number of followers exceeds 100 million


Charlie and her sister Dixie
Charlie (left) and his sister Dixie

For the first time, an American teenager has set a record of 100 million followers in Tiktok.

Charlie D'Milio, a 16-year-old Connecticut resident, has become the most popular video-sharing medium in a year and a half.

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A few days ago, she was in controversy because of her behavior in a video published on YouTube.

In the first part of the reality series 'Dinner with the D'Milio' run by her family, the teenager was criticized for abusing her kitchen.

More than 600,000 people stopped following him in protest.

But the controversy ended when he posted a video promising to treat her well with an apology.

Charlie has thanked his well-wishers and fans via Twitter after setting a record for tickets.

"Millions of people are supporting me ... I can't believe it's real," she wrote.

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For the first time, like many users, Charlie posted a personal video of himself dancing in the bedroom.

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Last year, there was a lot of talk about him on and off. She also set the first record of 50 million followers last April.

Last year, she made her debut for an animated film, Stardog and Turbocat.

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She has business relationships with world-renowned fashion and beauty brands. A book of his is also being published this year.

According to Forbes, she earned рекреж 4 million last year from deals with various brands.

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Charlie was embroiled in controversy when he was credited with the "Ranged" dance trend on Tiktak earlier this year.

That dance was actually started by a black teenager named Jalaya Harmon from Georgia.

Charlie did not claim to have started that trend.

But problems with Tiktak's algorithm caused controversy, reflecting ethnic bias.


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