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CPN controversy: Oli's' tough 'response to Prachanda, Prachanda's response-' welcome

Chairman of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Saturday addressed a meeting of the secretariat in Lucknow.

CPN controversy: Oli's' tough 'response to Prachanda, Prachanda's response-' welcome
CPN controversy: Oli's' tough 'response to Prachanda, Prachanda's response-' welcome

In the 53-point, 3-page written reply, Oli has given many challenges to Prachanda.

The key points made in the written reply are as follows:

1. This 'proposal' was not even discussed or consulted in the meeting, only the music of the artificial accusation of Tapon's utter personal dissatisfaction, infinite self-interest. It is engaging at first sight. I want a clear councilor to say that there should be no one to divert the party meetings from the pioneering veranda and confuse them with personal accusations and frustrations.

2. In fact, Tanne, through his one-sided writings, has turned the dissent of the party veterans into hostile contradictions and pushed the communist movement to the brink of collapse. Time will tell.

3. Many facts confirm that Tapon's interest in the name of amendment is still in constant use and testing in the name of revision, not in the full implementation of this law.

4. Metharu, who worked during the war, will not work forever in a peaceful, democratic and open society. My question is not about the path that Tapon is trying to take, but about the double standards and excuses that he has done under the cover of 'consensus'.

kp oli

5. Do you agree with the national aspiration of "Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali"? If so, from the very beginning of the formation of the government of his own party, which was determined to fulfill this ambitious aspiration, the government advocate Karneetra Gane, who was supposed to be the caretaker government, was contemplating unauthorized interference in the state coordinator . History will find the answer.

6. What kind of message is being sent against political stability due to your focus on the government and constant anger against the Prime Minister and the government?

7. I would like to make an open call today - let's start the process of sacrifice today. Let the comrades who have repeatedly led the government and the party no longer take over the land and announce that it will be handed over to the new generation. I am ready to make Hendratan's temperature record as the president of my press The Dastabejai! Is Tapan ready?

8. Although there is no source of money and legitimate income, the lifestyle of some leaders is very luxurious, the class of some leaders has been uplifted, there are comments from the activists and the people. I will not say anything on this subject, nor will I make it a personal matter. But can the mouth of the world be shut? A special campaign was launched to discuss, blindly imitate and reform the issue. Are you ready

9. What does Tanne mean by 'I am responsible for killing five thousand people'? Keep in mind that such expressions can add to the problem. Don't make the mistake of playing games.

10. Shouldn't the party and its leadership consult with the Center before making any important decision? No need to take permission. Do the state leaders have the autonomy to run on their own? This is the issue I have brought to the attention of the leaders of Karnali. But in the name of opposing me, Taponle is pushing the winning argument. If they are set as a precedent, they will prove to be expensive in the long run.

Party spokesperson and member of the secretariat Ayana Kaji Shrestha said that the issues raised in today's secretariat meeting will be discussed at the secretariat meeting to be held on November 30.

He said, "Now we will discuss the proposals put forward by the duo president in the secretariat meeting. Then the permanent committee will also discuss in the Ratniya Kamal meeting."

He also said that a meeting of the permanent committee of the secretariat was convened on November 3 and a meeting of the central committee was convened on November 7 to discuss the proposal.

Prachanda's bankruptcy

After the Prime Minister and party president KP Sharma Oli submitted a written reply today, another party president Prachanda labeled it positive, said party spokesperson Shrestha.

"This written reply is materially welcome. It was a good proposal. It will make the party stronger," Shrestha told the BBC.

Some leaders of the party have said that the recent bitterness between the two presidents has led to a rift in the party.

"Let the communist party come to the fore after such things have come out of the infighting and the debates that have taken place over it will help to make the party stronger.

Meanwhile, the visit of the Chinese Defense Minister to Nepal, which will take place tomorrow, is also viewed as meaningful.

There are those who say that China has played a role in the past when the CPN-V dispute arose.


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