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Corona virus Nepal: 22 more deaths, 19 hundred infected

Corona virus Nepal Update
Corona virus Nepal

In the last 24 hours, 1,945 people have been confirmed infected with coronavirus and 22 have died in Nepal, according to the Ministry of Health and Population.

During the same period, 10,341 people across the country were tested and found to be infected.

Over the past few months, large-scale infections have been seen in the samples tested. Public health experts have expressed concern about this.

About 19 percent of those tested on Friday showed an infection.

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The highest number of tests and infections are being carried out in the Kathmandu Valley.

With this increase, the total number of confirmed infections in Nepal has reached close to 217,000. More than one lakh of them have been found in Kathmandu Valley.

There are now 24,665 actively infected people across the country.

As of Friday, 1,298 people had died in Nepal due to COVID-19, according to government figures.

How many were healed?

The ministry said in a statement released on Thursday afternoon that an additional 5,364 people had been infected in the past 24 hours.

So far, a total of 191,000 have been cured, according to government figures.

The recovery rate of the infected is 88 percent.

The highest number of 5,743 people was found infected on October 19.

Who is infected?

Of those infected, 740 were women and 1,205 were men, according to the ministry.

Of them, there are 1,107 in the Kathmandu Valley, including 862 in Kathmandu.

At present, 12,692 people are actively infected in the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley.

The number of infected people in the Kathmandu Valley has reached 1872 so far.

What are the other facts?

According to the ministry, there are currently 19,014 infected households in the country and the rest in institutional isolation.

According to the ministry, 51 percent of the active infected people in the Kathmandu Valley are now infected.

Of the infected in hospitals across the country, 403 are in intensive care units and 63 are in ventilators.


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