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Chinese Defense Minister to visit Kathmandu next week

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe. File photo.
Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe is scheduled to visit Kathmandu next week.

According to high-ranking government sources, preparations are underway for General Feng's visit to Nepal next week.

The date of his arrival in Kathmandu has not been decided yet. While in Nepal, Defense Minister Fenghe will hold important political meetings. It remains to be seen what other events he will participate in.

The Chinese embassy in Nepal and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not given any official information about his visit.

Fenghe will be the first high-ranking Chinese official to land in Kathmandu when relations with Nepal's southern neighbor India are strained.

In September last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Nepal. After that, there was no high-level political visit to Nepal from China.

Fenghe, commander of the Chinese People's Liberation Army's rocket force, was appointed defense minister in March 2018.

The then Defense Minister Ishwar Pokharel had invited Fenghe to visit Nepal during the World Military Games in Wuhan, China last year. At that time, Fenghe had said that he would come to Nepal at an appropriate time.

After returning to Nepal, Minister Pokharel had sent him a formal invitation letter.


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