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Fathers day in Nepal 2020 - How and why it is celebrated

Fathers day in Nepal 2020

"Fathers day" is also called Kushe Aaushi or Gorkhe Aausi or Pitri Tirpani Aausi in nepali.

Father’s Day (बुवाको  मुख हेर्ने दिन ) is celebrated on the no moon day of Bhadra.

Father, mother and teacher are given the place of God in Hindu religion. Father is teacher, protector and the savior. Father's day is the day of paying respect once again to him. 

This is a special day, we pay respect to our father for his care and love to us during his life. Hence,  this day is called "Babu ko Mukh herne din” . The literal meaning of Mukh Herne is to see someone's face.f

How fathers day is celebrated in Nepal?

Kushe aausi, gorkhe aausi, fathers day 2020

Sons and daughters visit their fathers with sweets and gifts to celebrate the father’s day. Usually there is a big family gathering at the parent’s house on this day. Each one of the children takes turn to offer a plateful of sweets to the father. Thereafter, everyone enjoys a feast.

On the other hand, married daughters are seen on street going to their maternal home to meet her father. Many people celebrate this festival by offering prayers to the Shiva shrine at Gokarna Temple. 

All those People who have lost their father visit the temple in Gokarna on this Holy Day also called Father’s Day. People also visit the temple at Gokarna or other holy places to perform "shradh" in memory of their deceased fathers.

Nepalis believe that the souls of deceased fathers come to Gokarna to accept the offerings made by their sons and daughters on this day.  Hence, on father’s day, Nepalese from across the country, whose father had passed away, visit Gokarneshwore Mahadev temple at Gokarna to take a holy bath in the near by river, worship Lord Shiva, and make offerings in the name of their deceased fathers.  Also, some sons, depending on their religious beliefs, have Hindu or Buddhist priests perform memorial rituals called ‘Sradha’ in the name of the deceased fathers. Likewise, daughters also take a holy bath in the nearby river, worship and then make offerings to Lord Gokarnesvore, however they do not perform Sradha.

After taking purification showers, the ones that could not visit Gokarna offer a plateful of sweets to Brahmin priests or Vajracharya priests depending on their faith, whether they are Hindus or Buddhists respectively.  Nepalis believe that when the priests accept the offerings (Daan), it reaches the souls of their deceased fathers.

Why do people go to  Gokarneshwor Mahadev? Why people do pinda daan in Nepal?

Fathers day 2077, Fathers day quotes

Once Shiva and Parbati disappeared from Himalaya parbat. All the gods were very surprised and started searching them all across the universe. Brahma and other gods, caught Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati in Deer's lives hiding in Sleshmantak forest in Pashupatinath. The "Buck" Shiva was caught by Brahma by his horns. Horns of Shiva came out in Brahma's hand.  Then Lord Shiva asked Brahma and Bishnu to establish those horns as Shiva linga in somewhere in Nepal as they think fit. Brahma placed it in Gorkarna. Since then, It is believed that worshiping Shiva in Gokarneshwor Mahadev and doing pinda daan (homage to dead people) is equivalent of visiting Gaya 10 times (Gaya is another Hindu holy place).

We celebrate Fathers day on 3rd Bhadra 2077, Wednesday (i.e. August 19, 2020).

Buwa ko Mukh herne din

Happy Fathers day  !!!


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