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Fathers day in Nepal 2020 - How and why it is celebrated

Fathers day in Nepal 2020

"Fathers day" is also called Kushe Aaushi or Gorkhe Aausi or Pitri Tirpani Aausi in Nepali.

Father’s Day (बुवाको मुख हेर्ने दिन ) is celebrated on the no moon day of Bhadra.

Father, mother, and teacher are given the place of God in the Hindu religion. Father is the teacher, protector, and savior. Father's day is the day of paying respect once again to him. 

This is a special day, we pay respect to our father for his care and love for us during his life. Hence,  this day is called "Babu ko Mukh Herne din”. The literal meaning of Mukh Herne is to see someone's face.f

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Kushe aausi, gorkhe aausi, fathers day 2020

A dad is somebody you admire regardless of how tall you develop.

Fathers day 2077, Fathers day quotes

We celebrate Fathers day on 3rd Bhadra 2077, Wednesday (i.e. August 19, 2020).

Buwa ko Mukh herne din

Happy Fathers day  !!!


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