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A Nepali got $6000 from instagram for addressing insta status error

Saugat pokharel solve insta problem

KATHMANDU: Instagram has given a  $ 6,000 reward to a 21-year-old Nepali after a user found a problem with a photo and message deleted from Instagram being on the company's server.

The company has given a prize money to Nepali Saugat Pokharel, a cyber security researcher, for discovering this security vulnerability. Pokhrel, using his data download tool on Instagram, looked at his details and discovered that the photo and message he had deleted long ago was also on Instagram's server.

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It's normal for users to stay on companies' servers for a few days after deleting photos and messages. Instagram also states that it takes 90 days for a user to delete photos and messages from their server.

Instagram latest news

However, Pokharel informed the company last October after finding out that the data he had deleted a year ago was still on Instagram's servers. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have given their users access to data download tools to let them know that their what data is on the company's servers.

Pokhrel, who is studying BSc in Physics at Amrit Science Campus, said the company paid him $ 6,000 for finding security vulnerabilities. "I found out about the security breach last October and reported it," Pokhrel told to media. "I received the prize money on February 7."

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Pokharel said that this fact was delayed due to the condition that it should not be made public until the security vulnerabilities are resolved. Pokhrel informed technology news website TechCrunch after Instagram reported that security vulnerabilities had been addressed and that the vulnerabilities he had discovered could now be made public.

Insta server error solution

After TechCrunch published this news on Friday, other international media related to technology have also written news about the security vulnerabilities discovered by Pokhrel.

Pokhrel pointed out the security vulnerability last October through Instagram's Bug Bounty program. The company solved this problem a few weeks ago. Despite such security vulnerabilities, it has not been abused so far, TechCrunch quoted an Instagram spokesperson as saying.

A similar security vulnerability on Twitter was discovered last year. Last year, Twitter solved the problem of having a direct message on the company's server even when the user deletes it and closes the account.


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